Mike Adams

Mike knew Laurie from college and always told Laurie that he wanted to go across Russia and China by train.  So Laurie said, “Let’s do it!”

First night in St Petersburg. Laurie is about to eat bear!

First night in St Petersburg. Laurie is about to eat bear!

Lol 3

Café, St Petersburg. Laurie is looking up the word “spasiba” (thank you) to impress the waitress. When she arrives, he forgets it.

Lol 4

People-watching on Nevsky Prospect, St Petersburg


Caruthers and Caruthers outside the British Embassy, Moscow


Ukrainian restaurant, Moscow. Laurie is about to eat something disgraceful


The waitress agrees to have her picture taken. Laurie is about to forget the word spasiba. Again.

lol 8

Playing chess in our cabin on the Trans-Siberian, about a day out of Moscow.

lol 9

In western Siberia, two days out of Moscow.

lol 10

Trekking beside Lake Baikal in Siberia, day one. We have no idea what we have let ourselves in for.

LOL 11

Our guide, Genna. Every time we ask him when we’ll stop for lunch, he says “One o’clock.” This is a bare-faced Russian lie.

lol 12

Resting on the beach, some hours later. Laurie’s smile now paper-thin.

lol 13

High up looking out over Lake Baikal.

lol 14

At the end of our trek, waiting for the ferry to arrive and whisk us off to our hotel. Possibly the best beer we ever had in our lives.

lol 15

A bar in Irkutsk, Siberia. After the trials and tribulations of the trek, Laurie now scrubbed and polished, and about to eat something disgraceful again.

lol 16

At the theatre in Ulaan Baatar, with our guide Togi. Note the special price for foreigners.

lol 17

At night in our ger (Mongolian word for yurt). Raging storm outside, warm and peaceful inside. We cannot believe we are there.

lol 18

Outside the ger, the following day. Note the sandals with no socks.

lol 19

Restaurant car, Trans-Mongolian, in China. Laurie disgusted to find there is nothing disgraceful to eat on the menu.

lol 20

Great Wall of China. Laurie busy taking pictures of family stamps – claims these are the earliest examples of brands in the world.

lol 21

Note Laurie’s regrettable and painfully English fashion faux pas.

lol 22

Laurie on the Great Wall. He just blends right in.

lol 23

The Forbidden City, Beijing. After over three weeks and five thousand miles, our adventure is almost over. When I think of Laurie, this is how I like to remember him. Because he said “Let’s do it!”, we got to have the trip of a lifetime. Thank you my friend.


One Response to Mike Adams

  1. debraffox says:

    Thank you Mike for sharing these we will include your speech notes after the memorial when everyone can get a sense of your friendship with Laurie and the wonderful experience you where are to share on this trip.


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