Sue Sinclair

Sue Sinclair, Laurie’s partner, shares her memories of accompanying Laurie on his business trips.

LaurieYoung              LaurieYoungTwo

Laurie 5

Business meeting with Zhang Ruimin & staff at Haier

Laurie 15

Exchanging cards with the most senior and long-standing female executive of original Haier company

Laurie 20

Laurie 10

Qingdao tour courtesy of Haier

Laurie 18

Time off from business – sightseeing at Forbidden City, Beijing

Laurie 16

Laurie 19

Laurie 7

Enjoying dinner in Shanghai

Laurie 14

Laurie enjoying the sunset on Baltic cruise

Laurie 3

Exploring in Lithuania

Laurie 2

Baltic cruise day excursion

Laurie 8

Laurie the author, hard at work in Grenada (August 2012)

Laurie 11

Laurie 1

Another author’s holiday — St. Kitts (April 2013)

Supper by the quay in St Kitts (April 2013) 2

Supper by the quay in St. Kitts (April 2013

Laurie 6

Coffee break whilst working from home

Laurie 9
Laurie with step-grandsons (Woburn, 2013)
Laurie 17

Sue’s mum’s 90th birthday lunch at the Randolf, Oxford

Laurie 12


3 Responses to Sue Sinclair

  1. Claire smith says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. We will never forget you dear Laurie. Thank you for all the fun and wisdom you shared with us. William and Lucas adored you (we all thought you rocked actually!) and we especially loved the way you and Sue adored each other. We promise to look after Sue. Love Claire, Simon, William and Lucas xxx


  2. Laura Mazur says:

    Just wonderful photos. Thanks so much for posting them.


  3. Leila Smith says:

    Ah how lovely to see such wonderful photos of a lovely man taken too soon. I’m pleased to have had the pleasure of knowing Laurie, if only for a short time x


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