Finalists of the Laurie Young Thought Leadership Prize 2014

The Laurie Young Global Prize for Thought Leadership 2014

Beyond the echo chamber – Alex “Sandy” Pentland  – submitted by Harvard Business Review – Decision making through social exploration and social learning

China’s e-tail revolution – McKinsey – submitted by Source for Consulting. this important paper from the McKinsey Global Institute provided detailed insights into key retail trends in China, a country that is increasingly important for businesses throughout the world.

Forget the entry form The three-minute guide to three-minute guides – Deloitte  – submitted by the International Technology Services Marketing Association – Three minute video animations to convey complex ideas. These had proved very popular and opened the door to new business opportunities.

From transactions to relationships – Connecting with the transitioning shopper – IBM submitted by Source for Consulting. Heather Fraser explained that the paper, based on the views of some 34,000 consumers, provided definitive  insights for a major US retail conference and collaboration with the organisers of that event had had a very positive effect on the success of the paper.

Lean start up changes everything – Steve Blank – submitted by Harvard Business Review – Steve commented that his paper emerged from a recognition that although start-ups are seen by many of those in larger businesses as small versions of larger businesses, the reality is that they are fundamentally different so need a totally different planning and development tools.

Legal risk management – Berwin Leighton Paisner – submitted by Managing Partners’ Forum – External research with in-house counsel was commissioned to obtain themes and best practice and then networking groups were established to build on the knowledge base. Matt Whalley explained that the infographics, had been well received. His former experience as in-house counsel had been important.

Making time for the work that matters – Julian Birkenshaw submitted by Strategic Management Forum – Helping knowledge workers become more productive through time management, delegation and out-sourcing. Julian explained that his paper had not just put forward new ideas but was based on experiments that he conducted to demonstrate the validity of the ideas.

Shale gas boom now visible from space – Financial Times  – submitted by the FT – The infographic was the primary point of interest

The future of bank branches: Coordinating physical with digital – Capgemini – submitted by Source for Consulting. This showed that digital technologies will accelerate branch transformation but not make them extinct

The innovation bottom line – The Boston Consulting Group & MIT Sloan Mgt Review  – submitted by Source for Consulting. Kati Fuisz-Kehrbach explained that paper showed how companies see sustainability as both a necessity and an opportunity and change their business models in response.

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